Honduras Tourism

Life in Honduras!

When it’s freezing cold in many parts of the world, in Honduras the sun is always shining; because of its tropical location, every day of the year people can enjoy pleasant weather, with an average annual temperature of 27 ºC (80 ºF), so climate is no obstacle to enjoying each and every day.

The summer is simply spectacular, whether you’re going to the beach or the mountains, and to make it easier for everyone to enjoy the wonders of Honduras.

Travel back through time can be achieved within hours or in a few days …

Honduras Tourism Map

Honduras Tourism Map

Discover the colonial city of Comayagua, with streets and churches built in the 16th century, featuring the oldest clock in the Americas made in the year 1100, which is still running; be a spectator or join in a spectacle of color and religious faith with the creation of astonishing carpets of flowers, sawdust and other materials, carpets with religious motifs traversed by processions in Holy Week (Easter or as we call it Honduras Semana Santa); just two hours from here is Lake Yojoa with a vast range of biodiversity at your fingertips, 802 species of plants, 407 species of birds, 54 species of mammals, as a small sample of the natural wealth you can enjoy just off the highway; on the shores of the lake is the archeological park, “Los Naranjos,” a site where you can discover buildings and archeological remains more than 2500 years old, built by the Protolencas 800 years before the time of Christ; just minutes away is the Pulhapanzak waterfall, a majestic torrent of falling water more than 43 meters high, which you can cross by canopy tour, dive in, or simply or immerse yourself in its crystalline waters …

Because in Honduras there is so much to see, share and enjoy, getting in touch with vibrant cultures thousands of years old, the Lenca people living in western Honduras, a people who wear distinctive, brightly colored clothes, still making crafts as they have been doing for centuries; cities such as Gracias, Lempira, where the indigenous Lencas stride proudly down cobblestoned streets built by the Spaniards; come shopping in the market and get lost in the dazzling colorful array of fruits, vegetables, woven fabrics and irresistible sweets; only minutes away, ramp up your adrenaline to the max going over the mountains 350 meters above the ground in the highest canopy tour in Central America – then, to relax, plunge into thermal springs enveloped in an atmosphere of enchantment…

When it comes to beaches, Honduras is one the world’s most splendid destinations, with the clearest seas on the planet, the largest coral reef in the Americas and second largest in the world; here in the Bay Islands of Honduras you can find the healthiest, most pristine reefs, and one of the 10 best sites on earth for diving, with abundant ocean life, dolphins, whale sharks, starfish and hundreds of species who can be seen without your even having to get in the water, a natural aquarium of unimaginable dimensions.

Nature, history, living cultures, biodiversity, cities, wonderful people, exquisite cuisine, a true Paradise where all that’s missing is you!!

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