Honduras Planning to Renovate ID Cards

The Finance Minister William Chong Wong, said the government is seeking funds to renovate the identity card for more than 3.5 million undocumented Hondurans beginning January 1, 2011.

The Finance Minister will conduct a survey on the reported costs of the issuance of identity cards in other countries in the region, in order to have a cost reference before bidding takes place. According to the government authorities, they estimate the document revision would be around 500 million Lempiras.

The head of finance said that the new identity card would be “smart” and would work as a driver’s license, and with the National Registry of Taxes as well. He also stated that “the identity card is not only for voting, but for the identification of the Honduran people. Unfortunately, people here are confused by the identity card, and think that its only purpose is to vote, but it has much more use than that.”

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