Honduran Air Force Regains Radar Information Sharing from the United States to help in the fight against Narcotics Traffickers

To continue the fight against Narcotics Traffickers using hard to detect small planes primarily on the North Coast of Honduras including the Bay Islands; the United States is resuming sharing of radar intelligence with Honduras after a four-month suspension.

Washington had suspended the intelligence sharing in August after the Central American nation’s air force shot down two suspected drug planes in violation of agreements with Washington.

The U.S. Embassy in Honduras says the resumption came after Honduras agreed to review procedures used in such cases.

Embassy spokesman Stephen Posivak said Thursday the decision was due to “a series of corrective measures Honduras has taken to avoid shooting down civilian aircraft,” something a bilateral agreement specifically prohibits.

Two aircraft were shot down off the coast of northern Honduras in July. U.S. officials have said they don’t have information about the planes’ occupants or the cargo; however Honduras officials have stated they were narco-traffickers. Honduras President President Lobo apologized for the incident and agreed to security issues as well as replaced the acting Honduran Air Force Commander.

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