Score 1 for the Honduras Police

Honduras Police Badge

Honduras Police capture 72 Mara 18 members on two buses headed to pay their respects to one of their fallen gang members.

After some diligent old fashioned detective work the Honduras Police captured 72 members of the Mara Salvatrucha. One of the most feared gangs operating within the Country of Honduras.

During a shootout, which occurred outside Tegucigalpa on Saturday night, a security guard died and his partner was wounded; a member of the Mara 18 was killed. The deceased Mar 18 gang member was known to have many friends within the organization, and Honduras Police began their Investigative task of identifying the location of the wake and burial of the member. They then setout feelers, and were able to identify two buses en route to the services, and they were able to apprehend 72 members of the violent gang.

The new Top Cop in Honduras, nicknamed, “The Tiger” is off to a running start!

Update June 7th, 2012

Of the 72 Mara 18 members that were detained in this operation only 7 will face trial for crimes ranging from Illegal Fire Arm possession to ilicit conduct. This resulted after investigators reviewed the criminal history of those that were detained.

However, this type of operation does show the new Director of the Honduran National Police; “The Tiger” (El Tigre) Juan Carlos Bonilla is applying new pre-emptive police direction.

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