Small Plane Crashes in Honduras

Small Airplane Crash in Olancho, Honduras

Small airplane crashes in Olancho and is calcinated.

An unknown small plane crashed Wednesday morning in a mountainous region of the department of Olancho Honduras reported officials of the Honduras Armed Forces. Jeremiah Arevalo, the military spokesman, said the plane tried to evade radar and crashed in a region between the communities of San Esteban Gualaco and Olancho.
“We do not know all the details about the small plane because it was calcined in the crash,”

Update Thursday June 13, 2012
Authorities are now confirming the aircraft was carrying approximately 41 kilos of Cocaine and is believed to have been en route from South America. They have also confirmed from eye witness accounts that the small plane’s first impact was against 2 trees at which time it caught on fire and fell near a small creak just 60 meters from a home. The accident occurred between 1:30 AM and 2:00 AM awaking neighbors of the community of Los Lirios, Olancho.
The aircraft was a Bi Motor plane and was being followed by Honduras Air force Helicopters and a Toucan jet. The cause of the accident is being investigated as either a lack of fuel or mechanical failure. Of course pilot error is always a possibility while being persecuted.

Around 5:00 am, staff from the Forensic Medicine branch and the DNIC (National Directorate of Criminal Investigation) recovered the remains of two bodies that were then carried to Catacamas, Olancho’s Forensic Medicine team and then they were transferred to the morgue in, Tegucigalpa the capital of Honduras.
Police said the bodies of two people who were transported on the plane were charred beyond recognition.
The small airplane was preliminarily reported at about 1:32 am when radar detected the aircraft overflying Honduras airspace so we proceeded to send a scout plane to follow up.
Following this we lost the trail and after search tasks it was established that the airplane had crashed in a mountainous region of Olancho.
So far we have found no evidence that the aircraft have transporting drugs, said a police source.

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