World Press Freedom Day – 2013 – Honduras

May 3rd is an international day for freedom of the press. World Press Freedom Day – 2013 in Honduras (Dia de libertad de expresión en Honduras), however, takes on new meaning when under the leadership of President Lobo.  The freedom of the press is severely threatened, and Hondurans need to stick together and make their voices heard.

According to President Lobo, the crime rate in Honduras has one, and only one, origin: the fact that the Honduran press reports it and puts it on the front pages! The poor fellow is so absolutely lost that despite the fact that his two biggest campaign promises were security and employment, he has already changed his Minister of Security three times in just over three years…continue news article by’s political analyst, oMaR Jr.

What the US Ambassador has to say about Frredom of Speech in Honduras.

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