Can the Virgin Perform This Miracle?

“In the past three months, a slew of Latin American presidents, foreign ministers, ambassadors and even a Nobel Peace Prize winner, have failed to find a solution to the political standoff that has split Honduras. Now, many despairing Hondurans say, may be time for a little divine intervention.”

“So every day, more and more Hondurans are calling on the Virgin of Suyapa, a 3-inch statuette of the Virgin Mary, made of dark wood and nicknamed La Morenita, or the Little Dark One, for help. Over the centuries, La Morenita, which was found on a hillside in 1747 and now makes its home at a small whitewashed colonial church near the capital, has been credited with sundry miracles, from curing kidney stones to ending a brief war.” Read WSJ Article here.

3 Responses to "Can the Virgin Perform This Miracle?"

  1. gonow  October 2, 2009 at 6:30 pm

    richard………you are right.. both sides made mistakes the honduran government had 2 choises ;…. take him strait to jail and put him on trial with a mountain of evidense against him he probebly by now would know how maney years he will be spending behind bars ……or take him to a ”neutral ”country out of respect for the office he held……..mel was surely the big winner and he should thank god , that he is still free but he has limmeted that freedom with an other wrong choise a lot of things we do is by choise and todays choises are expanded or limmeted by past choises.

  2. Richard  October 2, 2009 at 2:40 pm


    If anyone would read it they would see BOTH parties involved are guilty.

    One broke the constitution, the other broke the constitution. Neither party admits their guilt.

    Until they can come to a peaceful solution to look at both violations, this is going nowhere.

    Yes Mel broke the law. Yes Honduras deported him without a trial. Both are guilty.

    Both sides need to be heard, and equally represented in a court of law. If you are from America, wouldn’t you demand the same?

    Until both admit faults in their doings, like I said before…..It’s going nowhere.

  3. gonow  October 2, 2009 at 9:23 am

    it is very simple ; the only miracle needed is that some people learn to read ; the honduran constitution is written very clearly………

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