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Honduras newspapers are included below as a convenience for HondurasNews.com readers. Newspapers in Honduras are printed in the national language of Spanish. Online newspapers offer daily and up to the minute reporting on a variety of topics. Honduras news media includes television stations online and radio news programs. Headlines cover regional interests, businesses, the economy, crime, national and local sports, education, society, tourism, and opinions. Few Honduras newspapers offer classifieds and comics.

Media available on this page is specifically from the country of Honduras. Fill out the comments section if you’d like to see any other Honduras newspapers or other forms of Honduras news media listed.

Honduras Newspapers

Honduras Newspapers

Official Newspaper of the Republic of Honduras

La Gaceta Honduras



La Gaceta http://www.lagaceta.hn The first publication date of La Gaceta (The Gazette) was May 25, 1830. The only “official” news publication of the Republic of Honduras. It is the diary of records. Those wishing to place a legal notice in a Honduras newspaper, or an announcement for legal purposes, must do it through La Gaceta.



General Honduras Newspapers

Clicking on the newspaper image will bring the site up in English through Google Translator. Click on the link to see the website (direct) in Spanish.

El Heraldo



El Heraldo http://www.elheraldo.hn [Tegucigalpa] Founded on November 26, 1979 by Jorge J. Larach. Published through the media entity Publicaciones y Noticias S.A. Contact information – Phone: (504) 2236-6000; Email: publicidad(@)elheraldo.hn

La Tribuna



La Tribuna http://www.latribuna.hn [Tegucigalpa] Founded on December 9, 1976 by Oscar Armando Flores Midence, who is also its director. Flores Midence is also a lawyer, writer and journalist. Contact information – Phone: (504) 234-3206, (504) 234-3006; Email: info(@)latribuna.hn

La Prensa



La Prensa http://www.laprensa.hn [San Pedro Sula] Founded on October 26, 1964, by Jorge J. Larach. This is a popular liberal newspaper. The founder’s son, Jorge Canahuati Larach, is the president of La Prensa and its publishing group OPSA (Organización Publicitaria, S.A.). Contact information – Phone: (504) 2553-3101; Email: suscripciones(@)laprensa.hn

Tiempo Honduras



Tiempo http://www.tiempo.hn [San Pedro Sula] Founded on November 7, 1970. This is a popular conservative Honduras newspaper. Contact information – Email: info(@)tiempo.hn

Hablemos Claro



Hablemos Claro http://www.hablemosclaro.com [Tegucigalpa] A weekly newspaper founded in 2003 by its director, journalist Rodrigo Wong Arévalo. Contact information – Phones: (504) 2239-3916, (504) 2239-8058, (504) 2239-4350


El Patriota



El Patriota http://www.elpatriota.hn [Tegucigalpa] WARNING: Website not connecting at time of publishing. Contact information – Phone: 2234-3702

El Libertador



El Libertador http://www.ellibertador.hn [Tegucigalpa] A monthly printed newspaper with periodic online updates made available through Medios de Comunicación Alternativos y Conexos S.D.R.L.. Contact information – Phone: (504) 2239-0060; Email: direccion(@)ellibertador



Honduras Newspapers by Topic

Click on the newspaper title to bring the site up in English through Google Translator. Click on the link to see the website (direct) in Spanish.



AS Deportiva http://www.asdeportiva.com [Tegucigalpa] Bi-weekly Honduras newspaper founded by journalist Rodrigo Wong Arévalo. The first publication dedicated specifically to sports.
Diario Deportivo MÁS http://www.diariomas.hn [Tegucigalpa]
Diario Diez http://www.diez.hn [San Pedro Sula]
El Heraldo Deportes [Sports Section] http://www.elheraldo.hn/deportes/
La Prensa Deportes [Sports Section] http://www.laprensa.hn/deportes/
La Tribuna Deportes [Sports Section] http://www.latribuna.hn/noticias/deportes/

Economy and Finance


Financiera http://www.hcfinanciera.com [Tegucigalpa]
La Tribuna Economicas http://www.latribuna.hn/noticias/economicas/

Local Honduras News

Bay Islands Voice (English) http://www.bayislandsvoice.com [Bay Islands]  Founded in 2003 by Thomas Tomczyk. Monthly magazine. Publisher and editor is Robert A. Armstrong who purchased the publication in March of 2012. Contact information – Phone: (504) 9976-6203, (504) 9821-6169, USA (703) 825-3524; Email: info(@)BayIslandsVoice.com

Jamolandia http://www.jamolandia.com [Olanchito] Founded on October 2, 2008, Jamolandia strives to serve the Aguan Valley/Tegucigalpa region.

Honduras News Media

The content below contains links to online news sites originating in Honduras, television stations in Honduras and Honduran radio stations, each of which broadcast at least one news program. Click the bold site name for an English translated version through Google translator. (If no link exists, the site is unavailable through the translator.) To view the Honduras news media in its original form, click the link next to the title.

General Honduras News Online

Honduras News (English) http://www.hondurasnews.com
Criterio http://criterio.hn/nacion/
Diario La Noticia http://www.lanoticia.hn
Ultima Hora http://ultimahora.hn [Tegucigalpa]  Founded on February 1, 2012. Contact information – Email: facebook(@)ultimahora.hn
Proceso Digital http://www.proceso.hn  Founded April 29, 2005. Marlen Zelaya Perdomo is its director.
Departamento 19 http://www.departamento19.hn [Tegucigalpa] Contact information – Email: elmensajerodxto(@)yahoo.es
Hondudiario http://www.hondudiario.com [Tegucigalpa]
Vos El Soberano http://www.voselsoberano.org
Ojo de Águila http://ojodeaguila.org

Honduras TV Stations

Honduras TV stations listed are those that include at least one news program. Click on the bold title to bring the site up in English through Google Translator. Click on the link to see the website (direct) in Spanish.


http://www.abriendobrecha.tv Live Broadcast. Program Schedule.

Campus TV HD http://www.campushd.tv Live Broadcast.

Galaxia http://galaxiatv21.com [Olancho] Live Broadcast.

JBN http://www.jbntv.org [Tegucigalpa] Founded in 2000.

RTV http://rtv.hn [San Pedro Sula] Live Broadcast.

TeleProgreso http://www.teleprogreso.tv/micanal/  [El Progreso] Live Broadcast. Founded March 2004.

Tele Ceiba  http://www.teleceiba.com [La Ceiba] Channel 7 Live Broadcast. Program Schedule.

TeleRed21 http://www.telered21.com [San Pedro Sula] Program Schedule.

Televicentro http://televicentro.hn [San Pedro Sula] Live Broadcast. Broadcasts channels 3, 5, 7 and 24. Channel 5 El Lider (The Leader) was the first television station founded in Honduras.  The first broadcast was September 15, 1959. Channel 5 schedule of programs.

Channel 11http://www.canal11.hn

Canal 24 [Olancho] Channel 24 program schedule (bottom of page). Founded October 6, 2003. Regional news.

Villavisión http://www.villavisiontv.com [Villanueva]Program Schedule.


HRJG-TV 6: Canal 6

HRJS-TV 9: Vica Television

HRNQ-TV 13: Cruceña de TV

Campus TV HD

Canal 8 Honduras

Canal 48 – Canal 48 El Canal de la Solidaridad

HCH TV: Hable Como Habla [Tegucigalpa] Live Broadcast


Litoral Atlantico: [La Ceiba] Live Broadcast

Maya TV

Pueblovision (Cholusat Sur) Canal 36

SOTEL Canal 11

Ebenezer 98

Telavision: [Tela] Live Broadcast, Program Schedule

Television Educativa Nacional (TEN)


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