Case Dismissed for Rebecca Santos

The courts dismissed the case against former finance minister, Rebecca Santos, in the overpriced rental of a building for offices of the National Electricity Company (ENEE).

The former official of the administration of Manuel Zelaya, was accused by the prosecution for authorizing the then manager of the ENEE, Rixi Moncada, to rent a building for the offices of the ENEE in Tegucigalpa.

The other two cases pending against Santos are for the withdrawal of 40 million lempiras from the Central Bank of Honduras (BCH), and the crime of fraud against the government for disbursing 30 million lempiras from the coffers of FHIS, which was used for advertising expenses in relation to the failed project of the fourth ballot.

Santos filed a motion today before the courts in Tegucigalpa in the continuation of the process against her for the fraud and abuse of authority.

The former minister submitted voluntarily to the courts in Honduras on May 4th.

Prosecutor Karla Garcia announced they will present an appeal against the court decision.

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