Castellanos ReElected as Director of UNAH

Honduras National Autonomous University (UNAH)Two candidates contending for the position of Director of the National Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH – Universidad Nacional Autónoma Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras de Honduras), Julieta Castellanos and engineer Gaspar Obando, appeared yesterday at public hearings detailing their government programs and answering questions from the Board of University Direction (JDU – La Junta de Dirección Universitaria) and some witnesses of honor.

Julieta Castellanos UNAH

Julieta Gonzalina Castellanos Ruiz
Director of UNAH

Gaspar Obando stressed the need to reunify the University family, because, according to him, the current administration has generated much division. The JDU apparently did not agree, as last night it was announced that they reelected Castellanos as the Director of UNAH.
“The University Management Board informs the university community and the general public that licensed Julieta Gonzalina Castellanos Ruiz has been named Chancellor of the maximum House of Studies, by agreement No. 13-2013-JDU-UNAH” said a statement release issued last night.
The hearings were held in the building of the University Institute for Peace, Democracy and Security (IUDPAS – Instituto Universitario en Paz, Democracia y Seguridad).
“They have been four intense years,” Julieta Castellanos said of her first term. “The first year and a half it was very difficult for the internal conflicts of the UNAH; they were handled very direct, very focused, to achieve governance which generated confidence in the student sector, faculty, and the external cooperation. My commitment is to enhance many careers such as engineering, and regional centers and maintain the defense of the Autónoma University .”
A former candidate in the running for Director of the University, Nelson Ávila, had complained (prior to his disqualification) that, “In this group (JDU) there are good professionals; what happened is that it was integrated with special interests. This board was integrated by the Rector (Castellanos), and here is a very strong ethical problem.”
Julieta Gonzalina Castellanos Ruiz, who holds a master’s degree in Economics, and is a graduate in Sociology of the University of Costa Rica, will be Director of the National Autonomous University of Honduras for the next four years.



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