Clinton Asked to Encourage Election Support

“Republican lawmakers who have criticized the Obama administration’s handling of the Honduran political crisis are calling on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to rally other U.S. allies in support of the Central American nation’s newly elected president”…”We strongly urge you to work with our democratic friends and allies in the region and around the world to encourage them to fully and unequivocally recognize the lawful election results in Honduras,” states the letter signed by eight other members of Congress.

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2 Responses to "Clinton Asked to Encourage Election Support"

  1. Axel Reyes Bogran  December 14, 2009 at 7:40 am

    miraclemant, I can see that you hold strong opinions about the kind of talk that Ms. Clinton uses, but she is right.

    Do not forget that when a person or group, or government has what it takes to possibly be arrogant, they do it, but only succeed if they have it.

    As a Honduran I thank you for the support you have shown our country in the midle of all this mess, you were, as I see things, you are on the right side of the fence.

    As a follower of politics for many years, I do agree with what Ms. Clinton stated about the need for America to be involved though.

    We saw what hapenned when very recently the current administration of the USA simply turned their back on Honduras, and as you can remember, inmediatly many European countries did so too.
    That was a consequence of America, prviously having shown a tendency to be on the fair and just side of the issues.

    In the Honduras case, Obama showed his true colors to be tainted with a lot of red, and the people working for him had to follow his lead, he is the President you know?, I believe he was very wrong to be so “mean” to Honduras simply because we chose to oust a leftist dictator wannabe, I understand what his political inclinations are, but he represents a whole country, not just the “AMERICAN LEFT”, and cutting all the so needed aid moneys and accusing Honduras of committing a ‘Coup d’Etat” when there never was one was very irresponsible.

    It sounds to me as if Ms. Clinton is realizing the political rammifications if this get looked at closely, the USA will come out smelling like as you wrote, like c..p!!

    The worst part is that most Americans do not share their admnistrations evilness, I do not believe that if the common American were to find out the extent and vindictiveness of the attacks brought on Honduras by Obama & Co. they would not be very pleased.

    But it is also time to be diplomatic and mend broken fences, if your neighbor offers you an olive branch after a fight, it is best to take it.

    We need and want America on our side, the first feeling that Honduras had after the original position of the USA about the well deserved and totally legal ousting of Zelaya, was a one of surprise followed very quickly by one of betrayal.

  2. miraclemant  December 13, 2009 at 1:28 pm

    clinton said “I’ve said from the very beginning of my tenure as Secretary of State that the United States cannot solve all the problems in our hemisphere or anywhere in the world alone, but the problems cannot be solved unless the United States is involved.”

    oh really?? How arrogant can you be? to say that problems can ONLY be solved if the USA is involved! What an arrogant load of Cr*p!!!! (pardon my language).

    This just goes to point out how arrogant clinton, obama and the rest of the leftist/marxist leaders of the world are, especially the USA.

    It breaks my heart to see what is currently happening in the USA, but maybe this needs to happen for the people to wake up and see that their country is heading in a totally different direction than the vast majority of the people want it to go.

    Do people realize that even obama accepting the Nobel Peace prize is a violation of artilce 9 of the US Constitution??

    I see the USA government every day passing laws that violate their Constitution, but do the law maker care?? NO… but the people will when they finally wake up and smell the cr*p going on in washington DC.

    Honduras, do NOT follow the USA, they are going to ruin and bankruptcy very soon.

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