Colombia’s Ambassador Will Return to Honduras

Colombia’s government announced today the return to Honduras of the Colombian Ambassador, Sonia Pereira.

“November 5th provided for the return of Ambassador Sonia Pereira. Her return answers the call made by the parties of the Tegucigalpa-San Jose Agreement for the normalization of relations with Honduras by the international community,” said the foreign ministry.

In a statement made by President Alvaro Uribe, they support “a negotiated solution to the political crisis in Honduras,” and called for the parties “to continue the dialogue, and efforts to achieve a national reconciliation and strengthening of democracy.”

Following the political crisis that erupted after the ouster of Manuel Zelaya, Colombia decided in July to call Pereria back for consultations.

Zelaya has since killed the deal, and ordered his representative in the talks, Jorge Arturo Reina, not to return to the table in a boycott of the Verification Committee.

One Response to "Colombia’s Ambassador Will Return to Honduras"

  1. Axel Reyes Bogran  November 10, 2009 at 7:11 am

    Jorge Arturo Reina & Zelaya, names that hang toguether on the halls of Communism in the UNAH.

    Stupid children who never grew up, and so retarded that they really want to believe that the animal best known as Hugo Chavez will really save Latin America.

    The root problem in Latin America is not poverty and inequacy, it is the CORRUPTION that brings those around as a consequence, and since corrupt people really fear literacy, not many of our people have the level of education that they could and should have.

    Zelaya, Reina, Chavez, Correa, Ortega, Castro and many other so called leaders of our nations are nothing more than a bunch of thieves that see the country as a hughe ranch that they own and therefore feel they have the right plunder and to treat the people like if they were their slaves, working very hard, under ridiculously bad conditions so that those animal can keep their lifestyle.

    Sounds very similar to Capitalism, does not, and if so, whta is the gain?

    Well in a capitalist society, there is freedom in many ways, and it is very possible to achieve goals that are never an option in a Socialist police state, and besides, the civil and personal liberties and rights of the common people are not a priority in a socialist sytle government.

    So what ever Zelaya and his cronies have to say, just ignore it, let our country move forward with its head held uphigh, and proud to be the one that escaped the Castros and Chavez’s trap.

    Shut up already Mel, and Reina, you have been a traitor to our country for so long you probably already do not even consider yourself Honduran

    Reina, you and yours have gotten many Hondurans killed fighting for the believes that you put in their small brains, your turn to pay for your moral guilt may be coming up too.

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