Control Tower warned pilot about weather condition

The recording between the control tower and the crew of the Taca aircraft that crashed on May 30th, revealed the warnings the control tower made to the crew about the weather conditions at the Toncontin International Airport. They also informed the crew that the winds where blowing from south to north, the same direction the aircraft landed.

Most of the conversation goes on in technical language, but in several fragment the details of the weather conditions are clear leaving the final decision to the pilot.

At the beginning of the tape you can hear one of the pilots notifying the control tower about the turn they are making to approach the track. You can also hear when the tower control asks the flight crew to notify them when they turn on the landing lights.

Further in the recording the control tower asks the flight crew to confirm the moment they turn. The pilot also confirms they have the track in site and to continue with the visual procedure.

The ex- commander from the Honduran Air Force, Roberto Mendoza Garay, said in a radio interview that the control tower did the right thing by explaining to the flight crew about the weather conditions, the clouds where at 8,000 feet high and they had to have landed from the north because of the direction of the wind. The airplane landed from the south and the winds blew at 18 kilometers per hour.

Mendoza Garay added that the people should know that in circumstances like this, the pilot has the last word and he is the one that finally makes the decision on what is best to do.

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  1. Maria620  June 7, 2008 at 2:40 pm

    In my opinion, I really believe that the piloit of Taca flight 390 should be considered a HEROE. He saved the lives of many persons on board by doing what he did. To all who passed away, my sincere condolences to their families and friends.

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