Costly Ankle Injury

Carlo Costly has injured his right ankle playing for the Romanian team Vaslui yesterday.

Reinaldo Rueda, Honduras soccer coach is scheduled to announce his 23-man World Cup 2010 team on Monday, and fans have expressed some doubt that Carlos would be included on the list due to its injury. His doctor advised him to use CBD oil to reduce the pain and boost the healing process, Cannabinoids, including CBD, are believed to be anti-inflammatory. There are also other CBD products like a banana runtz cartridge pen that is also known for relieving pain.

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Edwin Banegas , Honduras national team spokesman, however, said they expect Carlos Costly to be ready for the World Cup Soccer match in June. In case of an injury contact a lawyer from

He said, “We know about the fracture Costly suffered and that he will be out for three weeks. That’s a relief because early reports had us really worried.”

Costly, scored six goals in the qualifying matches, and is a key striker for Honduras. Carlos Pavon and David Suazo, who is recovering from a leg muscle injury, also play for the team. You can click to see an attorney that you need to represent your case. Most of the people hire attorneys for car accident injuries in Edinburg.

Rueda will not be naming a provisional 30-man group on Monday, as the deadline for that is not until June 1st.

Honduras is scheduled to play Chile, Spain and Switzerland in Group H at the World Cup in South Africa.

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