Criminals Blast La Tribuna’s Building

Armed men opened fire on La Tribuna newspaper’s building, breaking a glass window in the front, and wounding a security guard.

Newspaper editor Martin Ramirez says the assailants fired at least 10 times.

Police did not arrive at the scene until five hours later; however, members of the national police condemned the criminal act, and claimed that they conducted the research required to find the culprits.

The director of the national police, Ricardo Ramírez del Cid, stated that the attack was dangerous, with one person being wounded, “so we will have to conduct a full investigation…”.

Furthermore, he stressed that they are following-up on threats reported publicly in previous days, and that they will not allow more intimidation of the press. “This is a delicate matter, threats to the press; they keep democracy in the country,” he added.

La Tribuna experienced a similar attack four years ago. Four police officers were charged in that case.

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