ENEE Sabotage in Yoro

The criminal action of unknown individuals kept most of the department of Yoro in the dark this weekend. In yet another sabotage to the National Electric and Energy Company [Nacional de Electrical Energia Company (ENEE)], two energy towers were demolished with axes.

The two structures were of wood, due to the terrain where they were located. They were of a greater thickness and height than traditional posts, approximately 66 feet, but the perpetrators were still able to topple them, according to the spokesman of the ENEE for the North zone, Carlos Rodriguez Panting.

The attack occurred in the community Chancay, a mountainous area of the Department of Yoro.

From four in the afternoon on Sunday, different communities began to contact the ENEE about electricity outages, but no one knew why. After sending technicians to thoroughly investigate the area, the sabotage was detected.

It is assumed that the criminals used several axes, which was verified by the ENEE technicians, and which indicated several individuals were involved.

The head of the ENEE crews, Carlos Gonzalez, said that the towers which were brought down were holding the power line that supplies service to the municipality of Morazan.

Mr. Rodriguez Panting said the damage being done in large part is to the State, but could also be to the families affected. “It is estimated that the losses the ENEE is assessing are about a million Lempiras, including labor, materials, and what the company has lost in sales,” said the spokesman.

4 Responses to "ENEE Sabotage in Yoro"

  1. Axel Reyes Bogran  December 16, 2009 at 8:19 am

    And just as jamespadgett, I do not care what those groups like Amnesty International and their partners in crime, Human Rights Org. have to say about those monsters paying for their actions, at least not until they also critsice and condemm their actions also, since they are destroying national property with out any direct gain to their cause, unless their one and true intention is to destroy the countries economy, and that is not the actions of somebody who wants the best for their country.

    Anyway, I am still waiting for the Human Rights people to tell me what formula do their use to determine which humans have rights, since they seem to automatically denied tons of people their rights when they are taken away by communist activists, as an example I use the following:

    1).Property owners whose business are destroyed by their actions, affecting their economical well being as well as creating problems for the consumers that use their facility, and never forget about the employees who are not able to make a living anymore because now they do not have a place to work.

    2). School children who are denied a proper education because their teachers are more interested in politics than teaching.
    Teachers who were schooled by people thinking of ways to bring the government more than teaching teachers to teach.
    I have read notes and messages written by teachers who have some of the worst spelling you can imagine, writting words as common as ‘venir’ with a ‘b’ instead, or ‘iba’ with a ‘v’ and so forth, and if I was just critisicing people’s ability to write, that is one thing, but these people are “educating” the children of our country, the future of Honduras, and to be condemmed to fail before you even start competing is, to me the denial of a basic right, so where is Human Rights Org. when those leftist teachers go on strike, instead of serving classes to the most needy of protection, the children?

    3). The rights of the users of services that are being interrupted by the actions of this so called ‘resistance group’ which seems to be only resisting the present existing freedom and Democracy.

  2. Axel Reyes Bogran  December 16, 2009 at 6:19 am

    The ‘Resistance’ is doing preciselly what ‘leftist’ anarchist do all over the world in order to get the leadership to relent and give them the reins of power.

    They did that in Bolivia, blowing up power distribution stations, towers and also pumping stations for natural gas, all of this damage results in very expensive repair costs and even harsher damage to the economy.
    In Bolivia they have a ‘Leftist Dictator’ in power now, a stupid and ignorant one, but in power nevertheles, and of course, also backed by the same leaders of that infamous group,’ ALBA’.

    But we should not loose hope, they also tried to get into the power halls of Colombia like that, and they did not succeed.

    I agree with most Hondurans, these idiots have very selfish interests and do not love the same country we do, they love an imaginary Honduras that is ruled by a totalitarian leftist government, not the real Honduras, a free country ruled by Democratically Elected leaders.

    Yes, they should be rounded up and shipped out, or killed, they are traitors.

  3. jamespadgett  December 15, 2009 at 9:59 pm

    Another work of destruction by the “resistance.” Wonder if leftist socialist Amesty International will report this horrendous action? No need to wonder – they only make up offenses that didn’t occur when it comes to the present governmentj, but take no notice whatsoever to crimes by the “Resistance.” The Resistance is a bunch of cowardly stupid people – costing now their cuontry a great expense. Round up the “Resistance” and ship them to Cuba or Venezuela. Honduras needs them like it needs rattlesnakes or brown recuse spiders.

  4. miraclemant  December 15, 2009 at 11:51 am

    z’liar and his cronnies continue the attacks against our beloved country. I fear this will only end when our choice of a president “Lobo” takes office in January.

    Please Micheletti, do NOT let z’liar go free, he must pay for the crimes against Honduras and the people he betrayed!!!!!!

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