Espinoza Turns Down National Team

Roger Espinoza was called up by his Honduran National Team to play in their exhibition matches with Colombia and Paraguay. It would have meant that Espinoza would have likely missed Sporting KC’s match with the LA Galaxy on September 5th.

Espinoza was happy to be called up again but ended up declining the invitation. “I want to make the playoffs, it’s been two years here (Kansas City)that we haven’t made the playoffs. We are in a tight spot even though we’ve been doing well over the last 16 games or so, it’s been pretty tough for us. I decided this year I want to make the playoffs and I want to secure it in the next two games.”

Since the games were friendly exhibition matches they are not critical to the Honduran National team. “If they had been qualifying games I would have gone there” Espinoza explained. “Not that exhibition games aren’t important, I take every game seriously as you can see. It gives me a little bit of freedom not knowing it is an exhibition.”

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