Facussé Suspected of Narco Trafficking

A Wiki cable implies Miguel Facussé Barjam is involved with Narco trafficking activity in the Valley of Aguán.

Diplomats from the United States of America suspected in 2004 that the Honduran businessman Miguel Facussé Barjum may have been involved in three incidents related to drugs on one of his properties, according to a secret cable between diplomats released by Wikileaks Group.

The founder of Dinant Group which produces foods and kitchen products, and member of a powerful family that includes the media magnate and former Honduran President Carlos Roberto Flores Facussé (1998-2002), Miguel Facussé has been the center of land conflicts in the Aguán Valley. The Aguán Vally is in the North of the country, and conflicts there have reportedly left 51 peasants killed in the past two years.

In a partial cable of March 19, 2004, (the rest of which Wikileaks says “is not available”), it was reported that the Embassy of United States in Tegucigalpa was aware of a known flight with a shipment of cocaine from 1,000 kilos from Colombia, and the Honduran air force unsuccessfully tried to intercede…read the cable in its entirety in the Document Reference section of Honduras News (left hand side bar) or click here for the WikiLeaks Cable about Honduras.

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