Families of Musicians Lament Over Losses

Tears and pain invaded the homes of family members of the young artists that perished in the fatal accident that occurred yesterday in El Progreso.

In La Ceiba, in the Barrio La Isla neighborhood, family members of Cristy Yahaira López Arzú lamented over the loss of the young dancer with talent who lost her life in the terrible crash yesterday. Several young ladies who had shared the stage with the group were also present, deeply regretting what had happened.

The fatality made them remember happy moments with the group, and those episodes of fear, from a previous accident that they had survived.

“We had an accident in 2009, right there by Progreso; several times this had happened to us,” said Norma Garcia, known as Selena, who held in a picture of Cristy in her hands.

The victim’s family members regretted that the musical groups sent the dancers in a risky way, late at night.

“We regret very much what occurred; the truth is that we cannot have them back with us. The owners of the group should be more serious,” according to Jesenia Dolmo, a member from Grupo Sol and Luna (Sun and Moon) who was with Samba in 2009.

“I heard early. My dad went to claim the body; this is really something very hard. My sister had been with the group Kazzabe only 3 months, she was 24 and single”, said a victim’s sister.

“The country is in mourning; we have lost several friends in the music world,” said Evelyn Ballestero, who left the group a year ago. She remained puzzled by the news, saying she does not know how she will recuperate from hearing the terrible news.

In La Ceiba, there was not one person that did not ask how this accident happened. Many wanted to know who’s fault it was, and why it happened? Today, they waited for the bodies to arrive and give them a Christian burial.

Unfortunately, it will not be that simple. The fire that consumed the bus, disfigured many of those within. It is difficult for authorities to identify exactly who each person is.

In La Ceiba, the families of the deceased that have not been identified, have been asked to go to the Funeraria Divino Paraiso, where they are asking people to bring photos and documents of the victims for legal processing.

The Owner/Manager of the viewing room, said that Ricardo Dias Cruz, owner of Roland’s Chicas and Zamba (Samba), agreed to make arrangements through that funeral home.

“We are letting the family members know not to go to the mortuary (or forensics lab) because we will arrange everything with our personnel, which is why we need for them to bring the documents here.”

Solicited documents are X-rays, ID’s, passports, and recent pictures that loved ones may have. It has been asked if possible, to bring photos in which the victims are smiling, which could be of use for dental comparison.

“If any of the people had a scar, they should let us know, to speed up the process.”

As of yesterday evening, only a few people had shown up at the funeral home with information of their loved ones.

Officially, it has been reported that if there is any reason why it would be difficult to identify a body, there is no other alternative but to send the remains to the pathology laboratory in Costa Rica.

“As director of the Cazzabe (Kazzabe) group, I am very worried because of all of this. They told me that if there is no identification on the bodies, they will have to do the analysis in Costa Rica”, he said.

Honduras has limited resources, and would need the expertise of technicians and lab equipment currently available in Cost Rica to identify those remaining.

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