Fascinating Human Rights Developments

On Friday a series of interesting developments occurred.

First, the National Commission of Human Rights (Conadeh) revealed that the government had responded favorably to a petition the Commission sent to incorporate basic education about human rights into the national basic education curriculum. According to the statement from their website, the Commission and the Ministry of Education will be working together to ensure that basic information about human rights is a regular part of the nation’s education at all levels.  The statement also goes on to talk about how education and access to education can help people affected by poverty and social exclusion overcome the marginalization they face.

Conadeh's official logo.

Conadeh’s Official Logo.


Another development, the Private Business Council (Cohep) discussed in detail their commitment to gender equality in the workplace.

They signed a declaration which stated that they would work to:

  1. Promote equal treatment of men and women in businesses and business organizations.
  2. Begin initiatives designed to guarantee gender equality to the highest level inside of businesses and in business organizations.
  3. Promote an inclusive business culture that eliminates stereotypes.
  4. Work to ensure equality among recruitment processes and selection of personnel.
  5. Promote workplace atmospheres devoid of harassment, discrimination, and intimidation.
  6. Promote growth of and support of programs which formulate, the capacity of, training of, and orientation of the same conditions for men and women.
  7. Work to set-up workplace environments which are safe for men and women, including implementing systems of health and of workplace safety.
  8. Spreading good national business practices, which promote equality and equity of work in terms of gender.
  9. Support the development of sustainable businesses, both in terms of the economy and socially equal business practices.
  10. Work/Promote efforts to guarantee businesses open up that serve the common welfare of Honduran families.
Cohep's official logo

Cohep’s Official Logo

Both statements are posted on the websites of the groups Conadeh and Cohep, respectively. For any questions about this article, please reach out to the author by leaving a comment down below.

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