Honduras’ Five Stars Schools Inaugurated

The “Five Stars Schools” program began this week, according to Juan Orlando Hernández, the President of the Honduras National Congress. This initiative allows for one “five star” school in each of the 18 Departments of the country, as an example of what schools can be once the Fundamental Law of Education is implemented in its entirety.

“This is a pilot project to tell the Honduran people that by giving support to the schools we can improve the quality of education,” said Mr. Orlando Hernández, at the inauguration of the ‘Republic of Guatemala’ school in the Torocagua neighborhood of Tegucigalpa.

Lena Gutiérrez, Vice President of the National Congress, explained said that each of the Five Stars Schools will have remodeled or repaired facilities and will be equipped with new desks, teaching materials, uniforms, and new computers with Internet. The students will receive a glass of milk with their school snack, along with regular medical checkups and other benefits.

Others supporting the program include the Minister of Social Development, Hilda Hernández Alvarado, the Office of the first lady, Rosa Elena Lobo, and the Honduran Fund for Social Investment (FHIS).

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