FNRP Holds Protest on Honduras’ Independence Day

Former President Manuel Zelaya Rosales led a march of the National Popular Resistance Front (Frente Nacional de Resistencia Popular -FNRP) yesterday in the capital of Tegucigalpa, and called for an end to the repression against members of that organization.

Zelaya Rosales is the coordinator of the FNRP which overtook several stretches of the Morazán Boulevard. Zelaya claimed there is a crackdown against members of the front, and they are even being killed.

“Why was Emmo killed?,” Zelaya shouted, referring to Emmo Sadlo, a member of the Resistance who was murdered in his business. “Why repress the people who claim their rights?”, he also yelled.

The National Popular Resistance Front (FNRP) criticized the draft of the Law on Education, and called for freedom and respect for human rights during the day of protests held yesterday.

“We’re not celebrating, we are protesting.” “What independence?”, “What freedom?” was shouted in the streets by the people who marched with red and black flags. The mass of protesters on the street was comprised of unions, parents, and college students who did not participate in the official parade to commemorate the 190 years of Honduras’s independence.

The protesters left José Trinidad Reyes at nine in the morning and at ten a.m., arrived at Lempira Avenue to pay homage to the Indian Lempira in front of his statue. “If Lempira lived, he would be here,” shouted the protesters, after singing the National Anthem.

The official event ended before twelve in the afternoon, without any intervention from the police.

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