Former DEI Employees Found Guilty

The tribunal sentencing court in Puerto Cortes found Karen Elizabeth Chí, a former employee of the Executive Directorate of Revenue [DEI], and a former DEI processor, Marco Antonio Lizardo, guilty of smuggling and the use of false public documents.

“It’s a win for the Special Prosecutor Fighting Corruption, the fact that the trial court in Puerto Cortes found guilty Karen Elizabeth Chí Castillo, an employee of the DEI, as well as Marco Antonio Lizardo, both defendants on trial for smuggling, the use of false public documents, and violation of duties as public servants,” said Elvis Guzman, a spokesman for the Attorney General.

The defendants are being held in the prison of Puerto Cortes, and had tried to bring luxury vehicles into Honduras, claiming on the paperwork that it was used clothing.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office is seeking 11 years imprisonment for both employees.

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