Former First Lady vs. General Responsible for Overthrow

Xiomara Castro or Romeo Vásquez? The wife of ex-President Manuel Zelaya, overthrown in 2009, is pitted against the general who led the military operation against him. Both have been declared candidates for the presidential elections of 2013 in Honduras. Both have the same challenge: break the traditional bipartisanship in the country.

Members of the Freedom and Refoundation Party (Libre [Free]) chose Castro “unanimously”, according to a statement by former President Manuel Zelaya. Rasel Tomé, confirmed to the public that the former first lady will launch an electoral campaign.

Vásquez remained with the army until the arrival of President Lobo in 2010. The retired general then began to direct the public telecommunications company (ENEE). Vásquez has been at the forefront of the Patriotic Alliance group. He said, “I can not be sleeping at home knowing that the country is going through difficult times.”

Another new political group that has formed is called the Anti-Corruption Party (PAC). Salvador Nasralla is the candidate, who claims the party was formed, “because we think this is the only way…breaking with the dual-party system that we have had in our country. Over the past 100 years, this has accentuated the corruption. The people who are getting involved, we are not politicians, but we are honest persons.”

Honduras traditionally, has two parties, the National and Liberal. Running for nomination in the Liberal Party is Mauricio Villeda, son of the former Honduran President, who has competition from two former ministers of Zelaya’s. Several people in the current government are planning to run for the National Party, and Monsigñor Alfonso Santos, the Bishop of Cop&aactue;n, is flirting with the idea of participating in the primaries.

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