Former Honduras President Rafael Callejas to Plead Guilty in FIFA Corruption, Bribery and Money Laundering Charges

The ongoing FIFA corruption scandal is set to claim its latest guilty party. Rafael Callejas, a former president of Honduras from 1990-1994, is reported to be planning on entering a guilty plea with regards to charges of corruption. The US government is currently prosecuting the seventy-two year old Callejas. He is accused of bribery, racketeering, and money laundering. American authorities have even filed an official extradition request against him last December.

As former head of the Honduras football federation and member of FIFA’s Television and Marketing committee, Callejas is alleged to have received $1.6 million in bribes during his tenure. The bribes pertained to the broadcasting rights of the Honduras national football team. Two other FIFA officials from South America were implicated by the US investigation on the same day as Callejas. One of which is Callejas’ heir as Honduras football federation chief as well as FIFA CONCACAF head Alfredo Hawit. Another is Paraguay’s Juan Angel Napout, FIFA head of CONMEBOL.

Callejas initially denied all the charges brought against him, but flew to the United States unaccompanied by authorities to face justice. According to reports, he has posted a $4 million bail in a Brooklyn court late December.

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