Gas Stations will close during night hours

The minister for the presidency, Enrique Flores Lanza has announced that as of next week instructions to all gas stations will be given so they will suspend their services during night hours as a measure to save fuel.

This new disposition was announced by the Executive authorities a few days after the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) suspended the “Hoy no circula” measure considering it unconstitutional.

Nevertheless it was until Tuesday that it was officially announced that this new measure will start taking place as of next week although they have not reached an agreement with the Honduran Association of Petroleum Product Distributors (Ahdippe) with whom they are negotiating.

This measure was taken before in the past during the administration of Jose Simon Azcona and Ricardo Maduro.

Along with this new disposition the beginning of a campaign to stimulate fuel and energy saving will also take place.
This month the government will change two million incandescent light bulbs to fluorescent light bulbs, which will represent an important saving on the electricity bill from the ENEE.

Flores Lanza also notified on the implementation of a joint plan with the municipality of the capital to rearrange the vehicular traffic contemplating changing the bus and taxi stations as well as the creation of new routes.

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