Gasoline will be scarce during next few days

The general manager of the Honduran association of Petroleum Product Distributors (Ahdippe) Sarai Silva informed that the problem of the fuel supply shortage around the country is being generated by the petroleum distributing companies

“We have been reporting this problem in several occasions for over two weeks and we have noticed that a problem in the commercialization chain exists that has not been resolved”.

She also assured that the problems is with several service stations, the company Petroleum Product Distributors (Dippsa) has not been delivering the product orders complete to the service stations.

For example, stations that order four thousand gallons are only receiving one thousand and this is generating shortage of product.

One situation that is strange to us is that the government had received some request from the petroleum company in the sense that the gas station owners where monopolizing the product and we publicly told the government to make the investigations of the case.

It has been criticized that even though the supplying isn’t normal the Petroleum Administration Commission (Cap) is not taking matters in the subject and the case of reporting this to the prosecutors is acceptable. But how long is it going to take for the investigation to be completed since this is a long process because they have to verify every order.

If this situation isn’t controlled there could be serious scarcity during Semana Santa, since this is a time when most people go out and the consumption increases and the problem isn’t with the gas stations since the Petroleum Distributors are not delivering their orders complete and do not fulfill the security inventories and the provisions are not normal in the country so the government has to take action in this matter as soon as possible.

Silva called the attention of the national gas station owners to report this situation because in the end they and their clients are the most affected.

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