German Investors in Honduras for Bananas

A delegation of German investors is in Honduras closing business deals with small and medium banana producers in order to enter the Russian market with a demand worth 100 million Euro.

The Undersecretary of Agriculture, Juan Carlos Ordóñez noted that this opportunity will not only generate foreign exchange, but the opening to an important market. “They carried out field visits, we believe that in less than six months the first exports will be sent.”

Investors are specialists in working, regionally and throughout Latin America with small and medium producers, because they believe those producers have the potential to export to any market in the world, not only in quantity but in quality of product too.

Most of the producers who met with Russian businessmen, have experience in
foreign sales, but all they need is someone to build the market and generate opportunities for technical support.

It was well known that the Russian´s market demand is 100 million Euro in bananas, but we are talking about opportunities for watermelons, cantaloupes and other important products.

Banana sales abroad accounted for 62.9 percent of total Honduran agricultural products and showed an upward trend, going from 335.4 million of dollars in 2010 to 397.8 million dollars in 2011.

The price and volume analysis determined that the rise of this product is explained in a 79.8 percent in price and 20.2 percent by volume.

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