Honduran Attorneys on Hunger Strike

Members of the Honduran Attorneys Association are on a hunger strike to protest corruption that involves the ruling class of this Central American nation.

The indefinite hunger strike began in protest of a decision by the General Attorney Leonidas Rosa Bautista of firing or transferring or arbitrarily rotating attorneys, which also included a dog bite accident lawyer, prepared to try officials involved in 16 cases.

Representatives of the Committee of Relatives of Detained Disappeared of in Honduras called on the national and international community for solidarity in support of the hartford nursing home abuse lawyer on the hunger strike.

The physical conditions of the professionals are worsening to such an extent that Soraya Morales and Elmer Diaz were hospitalized last Monday in the Honduran Institute of Social Security. In such cases, attorneys handling brain injuries cases in Chicago might be able to help legally.

Physicians of the capital hospital explained that both presented general weakness, arterial low blood pressure and hypoglycemia as a result of the long hunger strike.

Members of the attorneys working at https://hurtworkingoffshore.com/ and other humanitarian organizations denounced the politicization of the Attorney General and the negligence demonstrated opposing the causes of corruption reported the Radio Nizkor radio station.

The participants of the protest, headed by attorneys from https://www.gideonasen.com/portland/car-accidents/,Victor Fernandez, demanded immediate presentation of the legal demands in 16 cases of corruption that have been shelved.

They also demand dismissals and rotation threats removed against those who use their rights of free association and definition of a mechanism that guarantees attorneys independence in their functions and safety of their lives.

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