Honduran Cabinet Minister Resigns

Roberto Martinez, general manager of the state-owned Honduran National Energy Company, yesterday became the third member of President Porfirio Lobo’s Cabinet to resign in the past two weeks.

Martinez submitted his resignation to the Ministry of the Presidency about 5 p.m., Luz Tome, public relations representative for the company, said in a phone call from Tegucigalpa. His replacement has not yet been named.

Eight days earlier, Martinez was questioned by members of the National Congress over a contract signed in November with Connecticut-based Westport Financing LLC to provide diesel- generated electricity. The project has yet to begin, Tome said. A representative of Westport, who confirmed the contract in a phone call from Connecticut, declined to give further details.

During a speech on Feb. 10, President Porfirio Lobo said he planned to ‘score eight goals during the next 15 days’ in reference to the potential dismissal of government ministers.

Since then, Trade and Industry Minister Jose Francisco Zelaya and Finance Minister William Chong Wong have stepped down from their posts.

From: Bloomberg Business Week – Honduran Cabinet Minister Becomes Third to Resign in Two Weeks

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