Honduran Congress Approves Decree to Accelerate Firing Police

Honduras approves Law to  Fire Corrupt or Inefficient police

Honduras approves Law to Fire Corrupt or Inefficient police

Members of the National Congress approved unanimously last night at a private special session an emergency decree to accelerate the process of purging of the police.
Congress authorizes the new National Police director, Juan Carlos Bonilla (El Tigre) “The Tiger”; for a period of six months special powers to make appointments and separation and removal of police officers; in coordination with the Minister of Security. Bonilla will be able to separate those who do not pass the following tests: confidence (ie is authorized to apply the lie detector), toxicological and performance, which means that if increases in crime, drug trafficking, during their watch he can fire them immediately.
The decision was made at a closed session, after the Government sent the decree imposing measures such as suspension of several articles of the Organic Law of the National Police.
According to reports, the purging would be so fast that it would include at least 40% of the police force. El Tigre Bonilla met with members of the special commission for an opinion for five hours and said the’re “thousands” who could be let go.

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