Honduran Head of DNIC Assasinated

At dawn, three unidentified men killed the head of National Bureau of Investigation, (DNIC) in the department of Cortes, Walter Iván Romero Alvarenga, inspector of the municipality of La Lima.

His lifeless body was found inside an Isuzu green pickup truck. On the scene there were several AK-47 nine-millimeter caps strewn about.

According to information from the regional head of the National Police of Honduras for the department of Cortes, Guillermo Arias, three unidentified assailants gunned down the head of the DNIC when he was talking with some friends at 12:30 am (6:30 am GMT) in the neighborhood of El Centro.

Officer Arias said this morning that strangers “just came to kill him.” The alleged criminals were also driving a pickup vehicle. Regarding further information, “It would be too early to say,” Arias concluded.

Walter Romero was previously assigned as head of the DNIC in Copan and Choluteca.

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