Honduran National Congress Debates Same Sex Marriages

The discussion of the reform of two articles in the Family Code relating to the possibility that in Honduras gay marriages will be validated, generated a lot of controversy for several minutes in the National Congress.

The reform of Article 11 of the Family Code states:
It recognizes the right of men and women, having the status of such naturally to marry each other, and legal equality of spouses. Its only valid the civil marriages celebrated before a competent official and the conditions required by law.

It prohibits marriage and de facto unions between persons of the same sex; marriages by persons of the same sex entered into or recognized under the laws of other countries are not valid in Honduras.

Article 23 of the Family Code says in its last paragraph, however, that: “A marriage celebrated overseas will be valid in Honduras, subject to the provisions of the last paragraph of Article 11 of this Code.”

As the content of the items clashed in wording, because on one hand it prohibits marriage between persons of the same sex, but on the other it is permitted when these are held abroad, the committee asked for an opinion to delete the final paragraph of article eleven, triggering the reaction of several deputies.

While some MPs have already voted in favor of allowing gay marriage, others invoke the constitution and the holy bible citing that marriage can only occur between a man and a woman.

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