Hondurans Protest Trade Embargo

Dozens of Honduran farmers have blocked the customs office of El Salvador in the capital city for nearly a week to protest against El Salvador’s rejection of their products.

Santiago Ruiz, president of the National Federation of Agriculture and Livestock of Honduras, said the farmers used their trucks and machines to block the office. El Salvador forbids the imports of Honduran milk products, vegetables and shrimps.

Tuesday was the sixth day since the farmers have blocked the customs office, causing millions of dollars in losses.

The Honduran milk industry, alone, wastes at least 130,000 liters of milk a day, worth about 800,000 U.S. dollars, Ruiz said. Ruiz told local media that Honduras had proposed a dialogue with El Salvador, which has wanted neither to “talk with us” nor to “solve the problem.”

2 Responses to "Hondurans Protest Trade Embargo"

  1. Axel Reyes Bogran  November 19, 2009 at 12:09 pm

    My latest information says the borders were re-openned as of last night.

    That would be great, no body needs to allow those leftist bastards to put a wedge between brother countries, and El Salvador still is our closest friend, and there is a lot of actuall blood shared between families of both countries.

    I sincerelly hope and wish that those who have hate in their heart do not get their way, our countries have been brothers and friends for the longest, my own father is the first Honduran born to a Salvadorian family, so to me it is personal that these “leftist warmongers” are trying to create another crack between us and El Salvador, I still remember the years after 1969, when relatives could only look at each from a distance, with no contact among themselves because there were resentments and post-war rules and regulations, it was a sad thing to see, and it should not happen again simply because a leftist president can not accept that in Honduras we ousted Zelaya.

  2. Axel Reyes Bogran  November 19, 2009 at 7:46 am

    Agaian the Communists showing the real feelings that they have toward the working class.

    Unless the working class do as they demmand, the working class will suffer.

    This most be in some way subject to the fact that in that neiboughring country the government is tainted in “RED”, the color that is supossed to signify the “Workers Paradise” mentality, well as we can see now, it only applies to the workers that agree to become their slaves.

    And since the working class in Honduras is, in its majority, against Mel Zelaya being allowed back into the presidency, Honduras in general does not want him back.

    Now it seems that the same very leftist president of El Salvador that allowed that Venezuelan air force plane, the one that was carrying Mel, to land and in El Salvador, and later helped sneak Zelaya ilegally into Honduras, after which he ended in the Brazilian Embassy, where he has been calling for chaos, destruction and blood spilage, that very same president is punishing the Honduran people for making a choice that is not the one the would want them to make.

    And they are to be the defenders of democracy.

    They all act and behave the same way;

    Their modus operandi seems to read:

    “In order for me to give you a hand you must obey everything I tell you to do” .

    Anybody remembers Obama & Hillary?

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