Honduras 2013 – The News We Expect to See

We expect to see positive changes throughout Honduras in 2013, and Honduras News will be there to report on all of them. We can’t help but speculate on the areas of interest requiring the most attention this year, so here are some insights into what we believe may make headlines for Honduras in 2013.

Politics in Honduras

This one is blatantly obvious, as Honduras will hold general elections throughout the country and nominate a new president for 2014. The long standing political parties in Honduras have been the Liberal Party and the National Party; however, this year will prove to be a bit more exciting, as politics here have evolved into a multipartisan system, with a total of nine political parties preparing themselves to participate in the upcoming 2013 elections in Honduras. Continue reading this section Politics


World Cup

La Selección (the Honduras National Team) does not generally receive much press world-wide; but in 2013, Honduras will be participating in the Hexagonal World Cup qualifying matches (the precursor to the Brazil 2014 World Cup), which has a global following. For Honduras, the game against the USA in February will garner significant interest, as it will be held in San Pedro Sula, a place the Associated Press can’t seem to miss a chance to antagonize for its perceived violence. Continue reading this section on Soccer

Travel Warnings

 and Tourist Safety

We look forward to reporting more examples of improved safety throughout Honduras. Advancements in crime control began in 2012, and many areas of the country are experiencing positive results. The country of Honduras has received negative attention from the international press over the last few years, and we have to imagine that in 2013 they will grow tired of the same old propaganda and perhaps begin to pay attention to the real, rather than the ‘media perceived’, Honduras. We will be hoping to help with that.

This past year, the Associated Press (AP) focused on homicide rates (which, by the way, have been miscalculated by international organizations, including the United Nations) and appeared to make it a goal to portray Honduras as the true badlands of the world. (And, of course, don’t forget that being a journalist here in Honduras is a dangerous profession as we report and investigate all those crimes.)

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

This trend seems to have started when Freddy Cuevas began including the following sentence in most of his articles:

According to the United Nations, Honduras has the highest per capita homicide rate in the world, with 86 homicides for every 100,000 inhabitants.

Unfortunately, it appears the AP’s ‘reporting’ on Honduras will only worsen with the introduction of Alberto Arce, who they have stationed in Tegucigalpa, and has only been in Honduras 10 months. By Mr. Arce’s own account, he is prejudiced, as he arrived here to, “Bear witness,” “to the most violent place in the world…”, and who is “covering a failing state”.

(Note to Alberto Arce: Here is a walking tour of Tegucigalpa that you can experience online, since you have now deemed the park off limits.)

The United States has experienced worse crimes than occurred in Honduras during 2012; in fact, many affecting public gathering places, so perhaps the AP was attempting to divert the world’s attention to Honduras to keep the perception of the USA as comparatively “safe”. (Interestingly enough, US President Obama has declared he will not drop the gun control issue during 2013.) In the case of Honduras, however, the majority of crimes were due to the continued efforts to control drug trafficking and organized crime, both of which situations have escalated due to the increased law enforcement crackdown in Mexico. Honduras would face far less criminal activity if only the USA could control their citizens’ demand for a steady narcotics supply…but we digress.  Continue reading this section on Travel Warnings and Tourist Safety


The Mesoamerican barrier reef will receive more press this year, and the Bay Islands of Honduras will be along for the ride through their Lionfish derbies* and featured restaurants that have signed agreements to follow the Responsible Seafood Guidelines. *(The Lionfish derbies were initiated to help tame the numbers of invasive lionfish species which are believed to be in the Caribbean due to an accident at a beachside aquarium in the USA.) Continue reading this section on Diving


Companies doing business in Honduras will be making use of Honduras’s high percentage of bilingual workers to further their interests in Central America. Continue reading this section on Business and Economics


Naturally, the Honduras 2013 budget is higher than that of 2012, and since the government was out of money last year as early as July, well, expect to be hearing about new ways Honduras has devised to generate cash flow. One idea is the issuing of government backed bonds to offer in the international market during the first semester of 2013. The other topic of interest will be use of the foreign currency reserves that are at the Central Bank of Honduras. Continue reading section on Finance

Honduras Tourism

Many notable dive groups, including The PADI Diving Society, will be heading to Honduras this year, so again, expect to see The Bay Islands in the news. The town of Tela will present the new Los Micos Golf Resort and Marina in 2013, and the new Banana Coast cruise port is scheduled to open as well in Trujillo. The interest in ecotourism is on the rise, and therefore the coffee farms and natural areas of the country, such as the rainforests are sure to be in the mix. Continue reading this section on Honduras Tourism

If nothing else, news from Honduras is rarely ever dull, so be certain to visit Honduras News for the latest Honduras 2013 headlines.


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