Honduras 3, Mexico 1

The first goal of the soccer game was by the Honduran, Carlos Costly at 18 minutes into the first half of the game and a second goal at minute 43, the Honduran team scored a third goal during the second half of the game. Mexico also scored their goal during the second half.

The first half was the best half time for Honduras in this hexagonal final. The Honduran team showed their love, conviction and efforts to defeat Mexico.

Honduras started off slow, but as the minutes went by, the team started to pick up the pace. The first celebration for Honduras was during minute 18, thanks to a stupendous play by Carlos Costly, who surpassed the Mexican defense with speed.

Mexico tried to surpass the Honduran team at all times, but the goalie for the Honduran team kept stopping them. Honduras wanted more and scored a second goal during the second half of the game. The scored was now 2:0 now.

Minute 78 of the second half, Honduras scored their 3rd game of the night, one minute later the Honduran player, Rambo Leon committed a penalty foul to a Mexican player, where they scored their only goal of the night.

Just so you know, this is the fifth victory of Honduras against Mexico and the fourth during world cup eliminations.

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