Honduras Airport Fees Increase in April

Consumers in Honduras face a string of increases. Beginning on April 1st this year, passengers will be paying a fee increase of 8.55 lempiras (45 cents) at the International Airports.

The decision was reviewed and signed yesterday between the authorities of the Superintendent of the Public-Private Alliance and the InterAirports company.

Currently, domestic passengers when they leave the country pay $34.35. The new fee is to be $34.80; a difference of 45 cents. In the cargo area, a fixed rate of $2.50 is incorporated for the International Organization of Regional Sanitation (Organización Internacional Regional Sanitaria [OIRSA]), and an airport security fee of $2.00.

Foreign passengers who now pay a $37.35 departure tax at the airport, next month will pay $37.80, a raise also of 45 cents. The total amount that foreigners pay includes the ORISA fee of $2.50, a migration fee of $3.00, and a port security fee of $2.00.

The tax on domestic travel is currently 32.89 lempiras; the new cost will be 35.03 lempiras, an increase of 2.14 lempiras.

Rates in lempiras are governed by the Consumer Price Index (CPI) reported by the Central Bank of Honduras (BCH) between January and December each year. The aforementioned CPI over the previous year was 6.50 percent.

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