Honduras-based Airline, Easy Sky, to Offer Flights from Honduras via Cuba to Saint Lucia and Other Caribbean Destinations

Honduras-based airline, Easy Sky, has signed an agreement with Caribbean travel agency – BEDY Travel – registered in Grenada and others Caribbean countries, to offer flights from Honduras via Cuba to Saint Lucia and others destinations in the Caribbean.

Easy Sky Airlines Honduras

Easy Sky Airlines Honduras

Chief Executive Officer of BEDY Easy Sky, Benjamin Ross, told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) in an exclusive interview on Wednesday (Feb. 24) that the first flight out of Saint Lucia will be announced as soon as the license is delivered.

Grenada was the first island to grant the landing license to Easy Sky, while Saint Lucia and other islands are in the process doing the same. The company looks forward to getting results by the end of February 2016.

Ross explained that his company and associates saw the need for connecting Caribbean families, by offering flights from Saint Lucia to other destinations, especially between Honduras and Cuba. The company also plans to extend flights to Havana, as well as Santiago de Cuba, as business progress. Ross said he would like to thank all regional stakeholders involved with this project for their support and said more details about the company’s operation in Saint Lucia will be announced shortly.

The airline will be operating two Boeing 737-232 between these destinations, with each plane having accommodation for 120 passengers.

The operation would be focused on providing its air transportation service for: passengers/tourist, light cargo and courier, and health and tourism program packages.

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