Honduras Beef Exportation on the Rise

The export of beef produced in Honduras will reach about 25 million dollars this year, according to the projections of the National Service for Agricultural Health (Senasa).

Honduras meat exportation has grown by more than 120 per cent, with increases in sales to Bolivia, the United States, Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador. Statistics provided by the Secretariat of Agriculture and Livestock (SAG), outline that in October, Honduras had exported around 18 million dollars worth.

“The goal is improve December to 25 million dollars, which would be one of the greatest achievements for the benefit of small and medium-producers in the country,” said the head of Senasa, Heriberto Amador.
“There will be a positive impact on the national economy with the strengthening of inspections and controls with the support of the United States,” the official added.

The goal for 2012, is to receive about 30 million dollars in foreign exchange through this medium, with shipments to new markets.

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