Honduras Declares a Natural Monument

The National Congress declared Congolón Hill, Coyocutena and Piedra Parada, in the municipality of Erandique, Department of Lempira, a natural monument and protected area.

The monument has became part of the cultural heritage of the nation, and the Congolón Hill, Coyocutena and Piedra Parada “should be considered and kept as a work of architecture, a sculpture carved not by humans, but by nature, which are endowed with unusual scenic beauty and abundant natural resources,” according to the decree passed by Congress.

Consequently it is the obligation of the State to ensure the preservation of this natural area. In addition to its scenic beauty, it is necessary for the sustained development of human settlements and the survival of wild species of both flora and fauna, says the decree in its preamble. The monuments are considered part of the nation’s cultural heritage, believed to be pre-Columbian, and are of historical and anthropological interest.

One Response to "Honduras Declares a Natural Monument"

  1. Axel Reyes Bogran  October 12, 2010 at 3:36 pm

    Lets see if they decided to “re-declare” the Janet Kawas Park a protected zone, or is the typical position of Tegucigalpa regarding Tela going to show itself again.
    It seems like if the capitalinos want to sell Tela by lots, never have I seen such as “Beautiful a Place” so neglected by the authorities of any country.

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