Honduras’ FHIA Progresses

During the conference sessions in the AgriTrade 2009, Jose Renan Macias and Enid Cuellar showed the advances in the field of oriental vegetables which Honduras has made, one of the Central American countries most advanced in the field. Mr. Macias made a short summary of his presentation.

In 1990, the oriental vegetables entered Honduras (in the Valley Comagaya) thanks to a Japanese entrepreneur who saw in the good weather and the good agrological aspects of the country as an advantage to grow this type of crop. In 1991 he sent the first container of eggplant. In 1995, the company Esveco completed a higher degree of diversification. In 1998 the company Mejia is incorporated, in 2005 it became Mejía Domínguez and in 2008, Provesa.

Among the most important aspects to be addressed when producing agrological vegetables are the aspects in which stresses agrological mechanization for land preparation. In this aspect, FHIA has made significant progress and can now begin lecturing on the subject.

The producers have enjoyed a very good product, thanks to the introduction of good agricultural practices (BPA) that have allowed them to venture abroad. Projections of the exports at the oriental vegetables in Central America in general and Honduras in particular, are very positive. Honduras has 5 companies exporting to Canada and USA. At the moment the idea is to continue seeking contacts to further improve these prospects.

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