Honduras Hosts Debate on Climate Change

Honduras Climate Change forum

photo by: Jeremy Kryt


From 2 May to 4 May, Honduras will be hosting debate on climate change in Latin America and the Caribbean. Government representatives from more than 20 countries in the region will gather in Tela to share experiences and draw up joint actions to combat climate change.

High-Level Regional Dialogue

The Government of Honduras is the host and organising country for the First Latin American and Caribbean Dialogue on Climate Change Finance and Development Effectiveness. This event will be held on 3 and 4 May. Representatives from the highest levels of government in over 20 countries and government officials involved in international cooperation and governmental agencies will be attending the event.

This Regional Dialogue is intended to become a platform for showcasing regional and national processes, exchanging experiences and innovative approaches to climate change finance and identifying new options for effective management within the framework of sustainable development policies. As a result of this First Regional Dialogue, it is hoped to draft a Regional Action Plan for Latin America and the Caribbean that will enable strengthened coordination between the countries in the region and to foster joint actions in this field.

EUROCLIMA: Climate Change in Latin America

In coordination with the Government of Honduras, EUROCLIMA will be holding a Regional Workshop on 2 May ahead of the Regional Dialogue. This workshop will be attended by Latin American authorities and government officials, as well as European Commission experts from the Directorate-General for Cooperation and Development (EuropeAid), the Directorate-General for Climate Action, the Directorate-General for the Joint Research Centre (JRC), the UN-Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) and the Technical Assistance team of EUROCLIMA.

EUROCLIMA is a regional programme for development cooperation of the European Commission and Latin America focused on improving the knowledge of Latin American decision-makers and scientists on the problems and consequences of climate change, in order to strengthen sustainable development strategies.

RALCEA: Management of Water Resources in Latin America

The Latin American Network of Knowledge Centres in the Water Sector (RALCEA) will also be holding its Regional Seminar in Tela from 2 to 4 May 2012. The main aim of the event will be to assess the progress achieved by its actions, to propose further activities for development under the project and to strengthen channels for collaboration, exchanges and dialogue between the higher education and research institutions and government institutions in the water management sector.

RALCEA is a regional development cooperation project of the European Commission with Latin America, in line with the European Water Initiative, for the promotion of public policies based on scientific-technical knowledge to foster the development of skills in the water sector.

With this series of activities taking place in the first week of May, Honduras will take centre stage in the technical and political discussions in Latin America and the Caribbean on actions to combat climate change.

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