Honduras Maquilas to Produce Energy from Biomass

For the year 2013, the Honduras maquila industry is going to invest about 160 million U.S. dollars to produce their own energy from biomass.

Honduras Maquilas to Produce Biomass

Guillermo Matamoros of the Honduran Maquila Association

“Other countries have lower energy costs; and therefore, Honduras must work seriously in that aspect proactively,” Guillermo Matamoros of the Honduran Maquila Association said before a meeting of the Honduran Council of Private Enterprises (Consejo Hondureño de la Empresa Privada – COHEP).  Mr. Matamoros also noted that this is another way to strengthen the competitiveness of the sector with the rest of the world.

In Honduras, the maquila industry generates about 118 thousand jobs, and with this new investment, it’s expected to show an increase of over ten thousand jobs.

Several companies have begun to develop their own projects, many of which are already in operation.  One Honduran business in particular, has been at the forefront of producing biomass energy for years, AquaFinca, in Lake Yojoa.

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