Honduras’s Rollins Air Explains EU Ban

Honduras carrier Rollins Air was placed on the European Union (EU) banned airliners list after France raised concerns about the airline’s safety, the European Commission said.

The Manager of Rollins Air, Claudio Rollins, explained that the cancellation was due to a faulty gyroscopic instrument that, combined with bad weather, took two pilots off course by 60 miles on a La Ceiba – Budapest (Hungary) flight. “The pilot Robert Willibert and the copilot, Ron Butts deviated sixty miles when they entered French airspace on the Ceiba-Budapest, capital of Hungary, route, because of a failure of a gyroscopic instrument of navigation – that, combined with bad weather. But, then again, they took her farther without major problems.”

The airline will have a hearing in May of 2012 in France to answer several questions from security about the reasons that the plane was forced out of its path.

Even with the failure, the aircraft landed in Hungary, and then had to return to La Ceiba with its occupants to repair the technical problem; however, Rollins arranged for an Italian aircraft to transport travellers to their destination.

“We are not blacklisted for a bad thing. It was a technical situation that happens in any flight, what it is, is that they are very strict,” said Mr. Rollins.

Approximately five months ago, Rollins Air stopped their commercial operations. They currently run only charter flights to Europe and Africa. From June through October, the company has remained in demand because of the pilgrimage of Muslims to the Holy City of Mecca, in Saudi Arabia.

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