Honduras to Sponsor International Coffee Fair

The presidential designee, Samuel Reyes, welcomed the Board of Directors of the Association of Special Coffees of America (SCAA) to the presidential house yesterday afternoon, along with presidential designee and Minister of the Presidency, María Antonieta Guillén, members of the government cabinet, managers of the Honduran Coffee Institute (IHCAFE) and other coffee organizations, to officially thank the SCAA for acknowledging the great advancement of Honduras in producing high quality coffee.

The visit from this prestigious organization will serve to formalise the commitment by Honduras to sponsor an international fair organized by the SCAA, being held in April in the state of Oregon, of The United States of America.

“In previous events, renowned coffee countries such as Colombia, Guatemala and Brazil have been sponsors of the SCAA,” explained designee Reyes. The government sees this as an exceptional opportunity for the national coffee to find great investment. Additionally, it could promote and project a better image of Honduras to the rest of the world.

Coffee leader Dagobert Suazo explained that Honduras was chosen because the SCAA saw the republic as having “America’s greatest potential for overall production in Central America” for gourmet coffee, which means the ability to sell at the best price. He explained that with campaigns containing the endorsement of this organization, Honduras will benefit. He emphasized the opportunity for Honduras to ensure the world market recognizes that Honduran coffee is of exceptional character. In total, the country could achieve between 70 and 250 million additional dollars in awards for the quality of the coffee. “Imagine this amount of additional foreign exchange for the country. That is why this event is very important for the coffee trade, and the country in general, because it means more resources for the national economy,” said Suazo.

After today’s signing of the agreement, the directors of the SCAA will tour several coffee areas of the country.

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