Honduras Swimmer sets new record at Central Amereica / Mexico Tournament


Honduras swimmer Karen Vilorio sets a ne record at the Central America / Mexico swimming tournamet.

Honduras Swimmer Karen Villorio has been an up and rising star throughout Honduras and Central America since she was 13. Yesterday she managed to set a new record at the CARMEX (Central America . Mexico) tournament in the 200 meter which had stood for 20 years by defeating the defending champion Ana Joselina Fortin by 10/100ths of a second.

Ana Joselina Fortin‘s record of 2:27.13 was conquered by Karen Vilorio on her 19th birthday with a time of 2:27.03 providing her with the “best birthday present I’ve ever had”.

At the San Salvador tournament Ana Castellanos (daughter of Claudia Fortin-Castellanos) took the gold medal in the 100 meter breast stroke and the 100 meter butterfly. Sara Larios brought home the Gold Medal in the 50 yard fro the age group of 15 to 17 years old. Emel Rodriguez brought home the silver medal in the 12-13 year old diving category. Giving Honduras a successful match and displaying the strength and growth of the Honduran Swim team.

In all the Honduaras swim team brought home 7 gold medals during the tournament. Congratulations to the Catracho swim team!

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