Honduras to Buy Hydro Energy

Sept. 28, 2011

Hydro Alternative Energy, Inc. Announces Execution of MOU With ENEE (Empresa Nacional de Energia Electrica) of Honduras

Hydro Alternative Energy, Inc. (“HAE” or the “Company”), an emerging independent power provider, has executed a memorandum of understanding (“MOU”) with Empresa Nacional de Energía Electrica (“ENEE”) of Honduras, a government owned electric power generation and distribution company, for ENEE to purchase up to 25 megawatts of clean electricity from hydroelectric and/or hydrokinetic ocean energy.

The Honduran government, in its strategic plan for development of the country, has established guidelines that provide for “Productive infrastructure as a driver of economic activity.” Through ENEE, the Honduran government is seeking to increase power generation through the use of renewable sources utilizing private and public investment.

Such strategic view of the Honduran government through ENEE, together with the mission of HAE to provide electric energy solutions worldwide, safely, cost-effectively, reliably, and profitably, with minimal or no environmental impact, were the principle drivers to the parties’ successful negotiation and execution of the MOU, pursuant to which ENEE has agreed to provide HAE a power purchase agreement (“PPA”) of not less than 25MW of capacity to generate electric power utilizing ocean currents. Such capacity may be subject to future increase.

Enrique Pallares, President of HAE, said, “We are very excited about the opportunity to work with ENEE to find the ideal locations along the Honduran coastline to install our Oceanus power generation system, which we are currently developing and which will harness the kinetic energy of the ocean to produce safe, cost-effective, clean, reliable electric power. The Honduran authorities have demonstrated the highest level of interest and cooperation in working with us to procure the MOU, and we expect such level interest and cooperation to continue as we move toward the negotiation and execution of a definitive PPA. We are looking forward to being a steady and long term provider of safe, cost-effective, clean, reliable electric energy to Honduras for many years to come.”

HAE is an emerging independent power provider focusing on utilizing hydrokinetic and other power development resources to generate electric power worldwide, safely, cost-effectively, reliably and profitably, with minimal or no ecological impact.

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