Honduras Wine Producer Selected to Compete in Hong Kong

Honduras Wine, Hato Mayor

Hato Mayor Wine of Honduras

A Siguatepeque, Honduras wine company, Empresa Agrosilvopastoril Villa San Pablo (EMAVISAPA, S. de R.L.) has received the honor of being chosen as a contender in a prestigious worldwide wine competition being held in China and Hong Kong.

CWSA - Awards

Hundreds of entries from countries world-wide are eagerly awaiting the results from the China Wine and Spirits Award (CWSA) organization, which will be announced this coming Monday, August 24, 2015.

CWSA Blind Taste Tester

Judges include major purchasing decision makers at China wine importers, distributors and wholesalers, restaurant group owners, and those making purchasing decisions at major and medium sized retailers. This kind of exposure can certainly boost Honduras’s reputation in the wine industry, as Hong Kong has become the country where the most wine is bought in the world – 261 million Euros a year’s worth. For a Honduras wine producer, capturing a piece of that market would be huge.

According to Emavisapa’s General Manager, Libertad Pinel, their “Hato Mayor” brand was the one accepted. “We sent in six samples, we are competing next to the largest wineries in the world, and do not know what will happen, these are handcrafted wines, and we will compete with others who have controlled laboratories.”

The Honduras wine company was founded just a year and a half ago, and experienced almost instant success. “Although there are cheaper foreign wines on the market, people prefer us … the wines have years of aging,” noted Mr. Pinel.

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