Guanaja Naval Base Inauguration This Month

Guanaja’s naval base has been under construction for some time, and is scheduled to be inaugurated this month. The base was created to help fight against drug trafficking and organized crime. Built at a cost of two million dollars, and entirely funded by United States, the new base has been designed to control the entire Atlantic region. The infrastructure has new buildings and a pier equipped with high-end technology from the United States.

According to the Secretary of Defense authorities, the strategic location of the base will serve not only to intercept boats, but also aircraft. Both American and Honduran military can be stationed there. This new naval base completes an armed forces operational triangle against drug traffic in the Caribbean.

In April of 2010, Honduras established a naval base, equipped with all the logistics, with the support of United States, in Caratasca. That base has been used to intercept drug boats and other vessels such as the submarine that sunk in July of this year.

Both naval bases in Caratasca and Guanaja have a squadron of patrol boats, a company of Marines, and one of special services.

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