Last Day to Avoid Interest on Taxes

August 31st is the deadline for making the payment of Property Taxes in the Capital without incurring interest. Tegucigalpa’s Mayor Ricardo Álvarez and the Municipality decided not to extend the deadline for taxpayers.

Mayor Alvarez said that any payment made after the 31st of August will have an interest penalty charge of 3 percent added the amount canceled.

As of Tuesday, the Tegucigalpa Municipality had raised roughly 200 million lempiras, not far from their target of 260 million. The Mayor called upon citizens in the capital to try to do everything possible to pay their taxes, and come to the banks in the hours before the deadline, to avoid interest on late payments.

Persons may also submit payment at the offices of Listen, Understand and Solve (Atiende, Entiende y Resuelve – AER), and the Santa Monica Commercial Center in Colonia Kennedy, which will be open until 12:00 Wednesday night.

The Mayor reminds citizens that, in “the end it is money that will be used for works and to improve the city overall.”

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